United States Cannabis Stocks Stymied From DOJ Policy, Marijuana Index Gains

It was an interesting start to the week as Cannabis stocks rebounded on Monday while The North American Marijuana Index made gains after last Friday’s decline. Canada, per usual, led the charge with a strong day that helped the Index climb back out of the dip.

Meanwhile, in the United States market, cannabis investors were a bit more apprehensive, especially with the news that tax reform in the United States seems inevitable. 

The Attorney General’s intense focus on the revamped “War on Cannabis” seem to be taking priority over corporate tax cuts. The Index closed at 194.90 on Monday, up 6.43 for a 3.41 percent gain.

In regards to the United States market, the Dow Jones Industrial Average shot up .57 percent, and the S&P 500 shot up up .54 percent on Monday.

Canada is preparing for full legalization across the country in July 2018 which will continue to keep the index moving at the strong place it is accustomed to. The Canadian Marijuana Index rose 5.83 percent on Monday, up 28.79 and closing at 522.51.