Insys Therapeutics: The All-Or-Nothing Stock of 2018

With 2018 becoming an important, critical year with historical impact potential in regards to the marijuana stocks industry, it’s important to keep tabs on what marijuana stocks are primed for a big year and what stocks may be a little bit riskier.

One stock that fits into a grey area of sorts is Insys Therapeutics, which some have considered as the ‘All-Or-Nothing Stock of 2018’.

Why? Because 2018 could be the end for the stock OR it could be the turnaround for a brand that has seen shares of the company collapsing nearly 90% between the summer of 2015 and the winter of 2017.

Could such a drastic drop lead to a meteoric rise? The potential of the marijuana stock market in 2018 could be the perfect catalyst to help this stock become a major player in the marijuana stock exchange.

One issue that Insys will have to overcome is the black-eye it received due to the Subsys, one of two Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved drugs, fiasco. Subsys is a synthetic opioid containing fentanyl that the FDA approved to treat breakthrough cancer pain.

Insys CEO and founder, John Kapoor took some bad press when he, along with numerous members of the company’s management and marketing team, knowingly and willingly marketed Subsys at off-label indications to inflate sales, a big no-no.

The conclusion drawn by many was that Insys was essentially bribing physicians in the pain-management field to prescribe Subsys in return for “speaking engagement fees,” even if no speaking engagements or speaking sessions took place.

Subsys sales took a nosedive due to the arrests and lawsuits.

The company is hoping distancing themselves from this event, along with Syndros, which could peak around $200 million in annual sales, a way to bounce back. Sydros truly holds the key as it is  is the first FDA-approved cannabinoid used to treat anorexia in people with AIDS who have lost weight and chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.

A stock to watch, with plenty of risk but also with potential ROI that could really pay off in 2018 if things go right.


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