GW Pharmaceuticals Sees 15.3% Jump In November

GW Pharmaceuticals experienced quite the November. GW Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GWPH), experienced an impressive jump of 15.3% in November, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence.

After recently demonstrating that Epidiolex can reduce the rate of monthly seizures by around 40%, GW Pharmaceuticals filed Epidiolex for FDA approval in Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome which are two rare forms of pediatric-onset epilepsy.

GW Pharmaceuticals greatly improved their chances for approval when they revealed additional trial results showing that 35% of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome patients responded to Epidiolex monotherapy, but only 13% of patients responding to a placebo. To note, there was some debate over how much of Epidiolex’s efficacy was tied to its use alongside clobazom, a common epilepsy medicine and the risk of drug interactions.

Epidiolex’s long-term extension study are also strong, showing that in Dravet syndrome patients, Epidiolex reduced total monthly seizures by 57% to 59% from baseline at week 60 and in Lennox-Gastaut syndrome patients, it reduced monthly seizures by 62% to 70% from baseline at week 60.

This is an important movement for GW Pharmaceuticals, who only sells one marijuana medicine currently, Sativex, and could have a profound impact on the marijuana stock market.

In the event that the FDA does give Epidiolex approval, GW Pharmaceuticals will have to wait for DEA scheduling before it can market the drug, making Epidiolex the first FDA-approved marijuana option for epilepsy.